Costa – Wake up and smell the coffee


Nest Creative

Nest Creative

Collaborating with Costa once again, this time our aim was to create a Christmas campaign with a difference. Rather thank focusing on the joy, magic and happiness we’re used to seeing during the festive season, we decide to use this campaign to address a strong message to the public.

a woman on her phone while at Costa Coffee with her grandmother. The grandmother looks bothered

During one of our brainstorming sessions in one of the shops, we couldn’t fail to notice the amount of people that were sitting together yet each one individually lost in their own virtual world. Unfortunately that is our reality today – a fast life lacking from attention and appreciation to one another. And that’s where our concept came to be – ‘Making it count!’

A facebook memory of 3 years ago of a selfie of a woman and her grandmother

Focusing on some a strong message rather than Christmas spirit, this campaign revolved around encouraging people to slow down, appreciate the moment and actually make it count. Some other initiatives that formed part of the campaign were a technology-free hour, a chat table hosted by professionals at Willingness Malta and coasters with sweet Christmas messages for Costa Coffee’s guests.

Grandmother wiping coffee foam off her face and laughing

‘Wake up and smell the Coffee’ garnered thousands of online shares and nothing but praise from people all over the world!