Costa – The Magic of Christmas


Nest Creative

Nest Creative

Costa Coffee may remind you of many things but perhaps the most significant picture it may bring up is a magical Christmas trip to London and the joy that a cosy cup of coffee brings.

Our goal for this Christmas campaign was to localise the International franchise here in Malta by shining a spotlight on Marsaxlokk outlet. It is not that easy to localise a brand whilst being creative within the franchise itself but that is a challenge we didn’t shy away from!

An old man with white hair and a white beard sitting down at a table at costa coffee with a map and a muffin

This campaign’s execution made use of elements such as the Maltese Luzon and historical landscapes significant to our islands. When a man docked at Marsaxlokk on Christmas Eve just 10 minutes before closing time, the barista wasn’t thrilled with his presence. Yet, he was still served with a smile and a piping hot gingerbread latte! A strong gust of wind (and a little magic) made him disappear leaving behind a gift for the barista.

Amalgamating our culture, an act of kindness and some Christmas magic made this campaign a success – Costa is the place to be to enjoy these magical Christmas moments!