The Big Band Brothers


In the world of music, evolution is key to staying relevant and captivating audiences. The same holds true for brands, and The Big Band Brothers understood this concept when they embarked on an exciting journey of rebranding.

The Brief:

Founded in 2005 by percussionist and singer Daniel Cauchi, this 17-piece big band has always been a lively and energetic musical force. However, after nearly 15 years, they sought to solidify their identity and embrace a fresh new look. We, at Ponder & Pitch, were honoured to be approached by The Big Band Brothers for this exciting rebranding project, a process that spanned over three months of creative collaboration.

The Strategy:

Our journey began with a series of meetings and numerous sketches with The Big Band Brothers, where we delved into their aspirations and vision. In order to celebrate their long-lasting history in the music industry, The Big Band Brothers wanted to redefine their visual identity with a fresh new look. They wanted a visual identity that would deeply resonate with both their loyal fanbase and also attract new audiences. Hence, we aimed for a clean and sleek logo that complements their imagery, while also incorporating a sense of playfulness.

The Goal:

Our mission was clear: to create a cohesive and striking visual identity that encapsulated the spirit of The Big Band Brothers. The end result is a memorable and professional brand identity that repositions The Big Band Brothers in the hearts of their fans, giving them a renewed, distinct look.