Tisjir mill-Qalb 2023


We were excited to embark on a collaborative project with the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation for the creation of the recipe book ‘Tisjir mill-Qalb’.

The Brief

This year’s edition of Tisjir mill-Qalb brings food and culture together through a collection of traditional recipes from embassies with distinctive cultures and cuisines: an opportunity for food lovers to taste and experience something new. The recipe book takes readers on a global journey, showcasing dishes from 20 embassies, using ingredients readily available in most pantries or conveniently found at local stores. This year’s theme for ‘Tisjir mill-Qalb’ focused on diplomacy and gastronomy.

The Concept

The cover concept for this recipe book aimed to depart from the conventional use of photography, opting instead for a more contemporary and approachable design achieved through the use of illustrations. Our aim was to visualise the relationship between the love of food and the different cuisines from a number of embassies together. The idea behind designing the recipes themselves was to maintain a clean and straightforward format, ensuring an easy-to-follow read for everyone. Encouraging people to try the recipes out – although new and unique – was a thought we kept in mind throughout the whole process.

The Goal

The final product culminated in a vibrant and welcoming recipe book tailored for enjoyment by all family members. It was of utmost importance that this edition was crafted to captivate and inspire anyone who lays their hands on it, enticing them to indulge in international cuisine and experiment with a variety of exciting new recipes.