Festa Ċitru 2024


For the second consecutive year, we collaborated with the Malta Community Chest Fund in creating the visuals for the 15th edition of Festa Ċitru.

The Brief:

The Malta Community Chest Fund kicked off the new year with Festa Ċitru, a vibrant celebration of the island’s rich citrus heritage, hosted at the President’s Kitchen Garden. In keeping with tradition, attendees had the chance to handpick oranges and lemons from the Presidential Palace Gardens and relish in orange-flavoured products and desserts available for purchase.

The Strategy:

For Festa Ċitru, our strategy took a turn, and our focus shifted. Different from past years’ approach, our objective this year was to focus on establishing Festa Citru as an independent brand that will resonate with its audiences for years to come. The need for consistency was implemented through the development of the brand as we crafted a unique visual identity that captures the core joyful spirit of Festa Citru. Our aim was to create an identity that stands out, using a bright orange colour scheme that represents a festive atmosphere. The chosen typographic font also encourages this idea as it is easy to read and can be adapted to fit multiple visuals and products.

The Goal:

Our primary objectives for Festa Ċitru, under our revamped strategy, were clear and purposeful. We aimed at breaking away from the norm and decided to create a timeless brand. This was done through the creation of a unique visual identity that communicates the brand’s core values and story. We believe that creating an independent brand for Festa Ċitru will symbolise innovation and encouragement to remain in touch with our heritage, creating a future of quality and creativity.