Pleasure Malta

Service Branding

The rebranding initiative for Pleasure Malta was born out of a dynamic vision — to contemporise and uplift the brand’s image while preserving the essence of discretion and delight in its offerings. The brief encapsulated three key objectives: modernisation, an uplifting aesthetic and maintaining a discreet customer experience. In the pursuit of modernising and uplifting Pleasure Malta’s brand image, the transformation revolved around the reimagination of the company’s logo—an emblem that encapsulates the essence of the brand and acts as the visual anchor for its identity.

The Brief:

Pleasure Malta entrusted us to update their brand by giving them a new look and feel while also keeping their values at play. They are Malta’s number-one adult shop that offers services related to sex toys and sexual wellness. 

While pursuing a modern and elevated look, it was crucial to remain consistent with Pleasure Malta’s core values. This process was not a departure from the brand’s essence but an evolution to enhance its market presence and appeal.

The Strategy:

Our goal was to modernise Pleasure Malta’s brand, aligning it with contemporary artistic styles. The idea was to reshape their old icon using a new, custom, sleek typeface. This transformation allows the icon to stand alone effectively while still seamlessly integrating with the complete logo when needed. The updated colour palette also introduced muted tones, combining deep, rich hues with subtle accents, reflecting the main essence of the brand.

The Goal:

Our Primary goal for the rebranding of Pleasure Malta was to cultivate an aura of luxury and minimalism within the brand. The reimagined Pleasure Malta logo seamlessly marries modernity with elegance. The sleek lines, refined typography, and carefully chosen colour palette together create a visual language that speaks to the brand’s dedication to providing a sophisticated shopping experience, transforming Pleasure Malta into a destination that not only provides top-quality products but also manifests a sense of exclusivity and elegance. 

The revamped brand identity is more than just a mere visual update; it signifies a transformation in Pleasure Malta’s brand perception: communicating reliability, discretion, and a commitment to delivering pleasure in a tasteful manner.