Introducing “Sig the Sloth” – the cuddly and endearing mascot we created in collaboration with Willingness for Camp Willingess. Camp Willingess is a summer programme for children, with the aim of teaching young ones about emotions, respect, mindfulness, and other skills so much needed in today’s world.

Together with the team at Willingness we looked at a number of character options, however, we wanted to departure from the traditional superhero mascots, and chose Sig the Sloth as our protagonist. We opted for this unique cuddly mascot because we wanted to showcase that anyone, regardless of their pace, can be a superhero in their own right. Sloths are known for their leisurely and relaxed nature, often perceived as slow creatures who spend most of their lives upside down. However, beneath their slow exterior lies a remarkable intelligence and resilience. This concept perfectly aligns with the spirit of Camp Willingness, where children are encouraged to embrace their unique journeys and progress according to their individual abilities.

Sig’s character design and story carry a powerful message of embracing differences and finding success in one’s own way. Despite Sig’s slow movements, the need for assistance, and a requirement for patience and cuddles, Sig has risen to become the esteemed Head of Camp. This narrative demonstrates that success is not limited by speed or physical capabilities but is rooted in determination, resilience, and the ability to embrace one’s unique qualities.

Through Sig’s heartwarming and relatable experiences, children are encouraged to celebrate their individuality and recognise the inherent value in their personal journeys. Sig serves as an inspiration for children to overcome challenges, develop self-confidence, and discover their own superpowers, regardless of any perceived limitations.