Il-Pirata Burger and Pasta


Discover our exciting collaboration with Il Pirata Burger and Pasta, where we delved into the realm of strategic branding for their new branch in Mriehel. Our team meticulously crafted a comprehensive suite of assets, including brand identity, illustrations, menu design, stickers, wallpaper, as well as captivating social media content.

Il Pirata Burger and Pasta packaging

At the core of our approach was the aim to develop a compelling and cohesive visual identity that uniquely captures Il Pirata Burger and Pasta’s vibrant and playful diner style, setting it apart from Il Pirata’s other branches. Embracing a light-hearted and fun branding direction, we skillfully crafted a distinct and recognisable look, which stood out from what Il Pirata is typically known for.

We centred the brand around a vibrant palette of yellow and purple tones. These colours infuse the brand with energy, reflecting the lively atmosphere of Il Pirata’s new Mriehel location. In addition to the colour scheme, our creative team conceptualised and brought to life a delightful cast of original characters to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness, effortlessly enhancing the restaurant’s fun-filled ambience.

We made sure that from the moment customers step foot into Il Pirata’s Mriehel branch, they are immersed in a visual narrative that reflects the brand’s unique identity: from a menu design tailored to reflect Il Pirata’s culinary offerings, stickers for packaging and captivating wallpaper that immerses guests in a unique experience. 

Lastly, we also set out to establish a strong digital presence for Il Pirata. Through engaging social media content, we showcase Il Pirata’s mouthwatering food, vibrant ambience, and special offers, enticing followers to dine at their newest branch.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the new look of Il Pirata Burger and Pasta!