Daniel Cauchi, Nest Creative

Daniel Cauchi, Nest Creative

As a creative agency, we as Ponder and Pitch always welcome a challenge, and this project with Comtec was no exception. At first, some may think that working on an advert for a pest control company would be a “roachy” experience, but we found it to be quite “ant-icipating”! 

After researching Comtec’s target audience, we found that people do not respond well to fear-based marketing, so we had to work our way around to develop an engaging and effective concept without actually showing pests in the advert. 

a scared man holding a frying pan

We developed a concept that took a humorous yet effective approach to pest control, and most importantly communicates Comtec’s brand message. To achieve this we did not show any actual pests in the advert, but rather filmed from the point of view of a cockroach to create a sense of suspense without resorting to fear tactics. This approach allowed us to create an advert that is entertaining, yet still getting the brand message across without resorting to fear-based marketing that could potentially turn Comtec’s potential customers away from the brand.

a man holding a glass putting it in a cabnet

In addition to the visual concept we also produced an original song for the advert, specifically tailored to the message we wanted to convey. The aim was to capture the sense of panic and urgency felt by someone who discovers a pest in their home. The original lyrics and music were carefully crafted to complement the visuals and enhance the overall impact of the advert. By creating a custom backtrack, we were able to add another layer of emotion and storytelling.

scared man

Overall, we’re incredibly proud of the final result and grateful for the opportunity to work on such a unique project. At Ponder and Pitch, we believe that challenges are opportunities for growth and creativity, which is why we embrace them and help our clients find effective solutions which set their brand apart.