BCRS Campaign

Service Branding

Last Winter, we embarked on an engaging social media campaign for BCRS, centred around their reverse vending machines.

poster with trees and bcrs machine

Our primary objective was to raise awareness about the option to donate to the Malta Community Chest Fund through BCRS’s reverse vending machines. This was done by highlighting the concept that one can give back to the community while also being environmentally sustainable. 

To effectively convey this message, we strategically crafted a series of compelling yet educative social media posts that showcased the process behind the circular economy system, what can be deposited in the machines, and how to use them. The posts effectively communicated the ease and impact of this joint effort, encouraging people to make a positive difference in their community while demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices.

By underlining the dual benefit of helping the environment through recycling while simultaneously contributing to a worthy cause, we aimed to encourage individuals to take part in this meaningful initiative. 

Sketch of BCRS campaign post