August Moon Ball


This year we were entrusted with the remarkable assignment of designing all the assets for the prestigious Ball of the August Moon. As an event steeped in tradition since 1959, being chosen for this momentous occasion is a true honour for our team.

Right from the outset, we embarked on a collaborative journey, engaging in the ideation process and conceptualising of the event’s captivating look and feel. Our team poured their expertise into every detail, ensuring a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation.

A true highlight of our creative efforts has been the crafting of a captivating digital watercolor illustration. Drawing inspiration from the majestic Verdala Palace and its rich history, our artists have skillfully brought its essence to life. Embracing the captivating legend of the “Blue Lady,” we transformed her haunting aura into a wellspring of inspiration. The resulting artwork serves as a mesmerising embodiment of the enchantment that surrounds the August Moon Ball.

In addition to this main illustration, we have meticulously designed and curated a series of traditional and digital assets, meticulously refining every detail. From social media visuals that invite anticipation to bespoke elements that evoke a sense of prestige, our efforts have been dedicated to creating a memorable experience.

While we are honoured to be entrusted with a variety of events throughout the year, collaborating with the Office of the President of Malta and the Malta Community Chest Fund on the August Moon Ball holds a special place in our hearts. It serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to bring forth memorable experiences. This partnership enables us to infuse our passion for creativity into an event that is not only esteemed but also serves a noble cause.