Rockestra 2021: Times like these

Rockestra stage with musicians onstage

Times like these!

Despite the pandemic and all that came with it, we still geared up for our annual collaboration with the Rockestra crew – a much loved event by both the public and our team! This year we wanted to use Rockestra to create an experience people could enjoy during those difficult times.

people throwing confetti in the air

This time round, a slight change was put in place and Rockestra was rescheduled to December and was planned out as a seated concert! Initially one night was launched, however, due to popular demand and most tickets being sold out within the first week of launching, the team decided to add a second performance. 

Two men sitting on chairs onstage. One is reading a newspaper, the other is looking at him

Once again, we were tasked with marketing budget management, execution of activation and content management as well as a mix of online and offline delivery consisting of social media posts and billboards. Against all odds, the turnout was successful, and the audience could enjoy their much awaited rock concert safely.

Rockestra artwork with logo and slogan 'times like this'