Rockestra 2019


Go big or fly home!

In 2019, our team was given the opportunity to work as part of Rockestra’s core team, this meant proposing unique marketing strategies for the annual event. A role which we have been entrusted with this to this day.

Rockestra is perhaps one of the most significant event in the MCCFF calendar of events. The annual concert is one of the most sought-after in Malta, with entertainment and music lovers eagerly awaiting it year after year.

For the 2019 show, along with Rockestra’s artistic director, we worked to develop a guerrilla marketing stunt which would go viral online. Taking place in Għadira, the stunt featured Maestro Sigmund Mifsud, who arrived via helicopter. He was then winched down onto a dinghy of the AFM and driven to shore on a jetski by none other than the Malta Red Cross! Mifsud then started running towards a secret ‘’black box’’ which had been set up the night before. When arriving next to the black box, it’s curtains fell and it was showtime! 

The stunt proved to be effective as it made it to all TV stations and news portals and kept on generating engagement for months!

Collaborators: Pawlu Borg Bonaci, Nest Creative