BEI Brand Identity


In October 2021, we were asked to create a visual identity for a new restaurant situated in the north of Malta. Located in Mellieħa, perched on one of its highest cliffs, it serves diners magnificent views of Mellieħa Bay, Gozo and Comino – truly the place to be!

Aiming to communicate these unique characteristics with the public, we set up meetings and discussed with the client different means of executing this. Our team embarked on a mission to better understand the restaurant’s target audience and values. A couple of brainstorming sessions later – that’s how ‘BEI’ came to life. 

Our team wanted to incorporate the picturesque nature of the location into the brand identity; the stunning sunsets, crystal blue sea and breathtaking views. The outcome consisted of a minimal pictorial mark, complemented with an elegant typeface and a colour palette resonating with the ambience of the restaurant itself.

Apart from this project, BEI also entrusted us with building a go-to-market strategy as well as managing all digital accounts, including social media channels, generating website content and Google campaigns.

Collaborators: Andreas Azzopardi