30 years of Magical Moments


Turi Studios, Nest Creative Lab

Turi Studios, Nest Creative Lab

Our Malta International Airport Christmas Campaign 2022 was all about the magic of the season. Since MIA was also celebrating its 30th anniversary at the time, we opted for the tagline ‘30 years of Magical Moments’.

Poster with the slogan '30 years of Magical Airport Moments' featuring PIP, a cartoon blonde boy wearing blue ear muffs

With the goal of spreading holiday cheer and excitement throughout the airport, in collaboration with Turi studios, we created a character named PIP. With his bright colours and cheerful demeanour, PIP quickly became the star of the campaign and is currently being used as the airport’s unofficial mascot. For this Christmas campaign, we transformed Gate 7 at MIA into a magical winter wonderland, which we called ‘PIP’s Corner’. We designed stickers showcasing PIP in various Maltese landmarks like Valletta, Mdina, and Mellieha, which were stuck all over the glass windows. To spread the holiday cheer, we also designed a custom gift-wrapping station complete with custom designed gift-wrapping tags, where people could get their presents wrapped for free. Additionally, we designed mulled wine packaging featuring PIP as the focal point on the front stirring a large pot and included an illustration of the ingredients on the back of the packet.

Promotional Material used for the 'gift wrapping station' and 'mulled wine' station. It features PIP

We didn’t just stop there! We created a photo booth, meant to replicate PIP’s scrapbook. The installation showcased PIP’s adventures in Malta, depicted through playful polaroids. To enhance the experience, we even added a swing for children to climb on and take photos, making them feel like they were a part of PIP’s scrapbook.

Packaging with the words 'Mulled wine mix', with snowflakes and PIP stirring a pot

With PIP popping up in almost every piece of art we created, the Malta International Airport campaign was a big hit and got everyone into the holiday spirit at the airport. PIP was featured in various forms during this campaign, ranging from social media posts and physical installations throughout the airport to starring in the official MIA Christmas advert titled ‘I’m coming home for Christmas’. As Ponder and Pitch, we teamed up with Turi Studios to bring PIP to life, from storyboard to reality, with Nest Creative Lab helping to make the magic happen.

We can’t wait to see what fun adventures PIP will have next!