Carnival Kids Club: Firemen and Fire trucks

Service Branding

This year, Ponder and Pitch was approached by the Malta International Airport for their carnival campaign: Carnival Kids Club. With the carnival theme being ‘Firemen and Fire trucks’, we got right to work, putting on our creative hats and bringing this theme to life. 

Promotional poster created for Malta International Airport. It features a character, PIP driving a firetruck. It includes the text 'carnival kids club' and the dates
Promotional social media image with text 'don't miss the carnival kids club today', featuring the character PIP dressed as a pirate

Of course, by now no MIA campaign would be complete without PIP. Ponder and Pitch and Turi studios originally created PIP for the MIA Christmas 2022 Campaign, and since then he has become a fan favourite, even becoming the unofficial mascot of the airport. With his lovable personality and charming design, PIP has become an integral part of every MIA campaign. Our talented team provided illustrations of PIP in various fun personas, such as a chef, fireman, astronaut and pirate. We also added some excitement with interactive games, such as a ‘maze game’, where children had to match the different PIP personas with their matching objects:  PIP the astronaut with a rocket, PIP the chef with a pot, PIP the fireman with a fire extinguisher, and PIP the Pirate with a treasure map.

Promotional social media image with text 'carnival kids club last day tomorrow', featuring the character PIP dressed as an astronaut

And that’s not all! We transformed the ‘Firemen and Fire trucks’ theme into a hands-on experience by creating fun and interactive elements for children to enjoy. Ponder and Pitch designed cut-outs of the Malta International Airport fire truck, which created the perfect photo opportunity for children. To make this experience even more authentic, we also built a 3D fire truck structure complete with a backdrop of two hangers, just like where real fire trucks are held. This was set outside of the airport building, and  children could climb onto the truck and snap photos.

The campaign was held out over five fun-filled days, from the 17th of February to the 21st of February, and we’re thrilled to announce that it was a huge success. Seeing how adults and children connected with our lovable PIP was a joy! We’re excited to see where PIP’s journey takes him next.