The Gift of Unity


Introducing “The Gift of Unity” project – a project that we gifted to our clients last Christmas, celebrating the power of togetherness. As we reflect on a successful year at Ponder and Pitch, ‘The Gift of Unity’ holds a special place in our hearts. This project showcases a collection of contrasting local couplings, representing diverse pairs from different walks of life.

It brings together individuals from opposing backgrounds, highlighting their shared values and common ground. It’s a reminder that despite our differences, we can come together and appreciate each other’s unique perspectives – ‘Hi x’inhi id-differenza, tagħmel differenza?’ (Whatever the difference? Does it make a difference?) 

the gift of unity artwork

Our project celebrates the diversity that exists within our community: Costa Coffee and Starbucks enthusiasts, motorcyclists and car drivers, Bolt and Wolt drivers, Furjana and Valletta supporters, 89.7 Bay and Vibe FM radio stations, Lovin Malta and Malta Daily platforms, San Alwigi and De La Salle schools, graffiti artists and builders, PN and PL, and tattooed individuals and people in suits.

The Gift of Unity invites us to celebrate our differences and embrace the beauty of unity. It serves as a reminder that even those with opposing views can come together for a common cause. Let’s embrace unity and spread the message of harmony and understanding.