Rockestra 2023: More Than A Feeling


September means Rockestra Month!

For the fourth consecutive year, we were privileged to collaborate with Rockestra for their 15th Edition, and this year’s challenge was clear: to elevate the branding to new heights and deliver something truly unique.

The theme for this year was inspired by the iconic Boston hit song, “More Than A Feeling“. To us, Rockestra represents more than just a feeling; it’s a blend of emotions, a showcase of talent, and a musical experience that goes beyond words.

The lightning bolt in the design symbolises the ever-changing and distinctive nature of Rockestra. It serves as a sign that Rockestra is constantly evolving, always offering something fresh and bold, while still staying true to the beloved essence that fans have cherished for 15 editions.

Our journey began with an extensive 6-week content plan leading up to the event. The goal was to build excitement by showcasing the incredible lineup of artists and musicians, supporting acts, after-party performers, and of course, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. During Rockestra week, we kicked it up a notch and produced some light-hearted videos for our followers to get to know our talented artists a bit more and also offered a glimpse into their rehearsals.


Collaborating with the creative minds at Nest Creative, we also produced a promotional video that captured the true essence of Rockestra.

To ensure Rockestra’s presence was felt far and wide, we designed large print assets, including striking billboards to leave that lasting impression.

Here’s to another year of extraordinary music!