KSU: ‘Alice in Bormla’


When we were initially approached by KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji, the University of Malta’s Student Council) in October to manage the marketing and visuals for their annual Student’s Fest, we were excited to hop on board and get the ball rolling! Alice in Bormla, a reenactment of the renowned Disney classic “Alice in Wonderland” will be held in 2023, a celebration of KSU’s biggest cultural events!

Main artwork for 'Alice in Bormla'. It's set against a purple backdrop with flowers to the left and right of the logo. The logo includes 'Alice in Wonderland', with 'wonderland' crossed out replaced by 'Bormla'. At the bottom right there are also signs pointing at opposite directions 'tan-north' and 'tas-south'

With the first production, “Ommi Ma!” – a recreation of the infamous Mamma Mia, dating back to 2009, KSU will be holding their thirteenth edition of Student’s Fest: an annual production celebrating musical theatre through a night of good laughs, familiar tunes and memorable performances. From set building to script writing, Student’s Fest provides students of the University of Malta with an opportunity to step away from lectures and books, and dive straight into the world of theatre productions, showcasing different forms of talents and exploring the endless possibilities of creative expression over a period of six months.

Social Media posts for Alice in Bormla

Sitting with the Culture and Entertainment team at KSU, alongside members of this year’s Media Team for Student’s Fest, we explored the identity of “Alice in Bormla” – from installations on Quad to digital assets to promote the production. Following endless brainstorming sessions and a stack of sketches, we brought the mind-map to life with the main artwork for this year’s production: combining artistic elements derived from the fantasy world of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, along with modern machinery and structural components familiar with adults and children alike, making this piece a unforgettable asset to the production.

Alice in Bormla banner

In addition to the main artwork used as the main promotional poster, a set of digital posts were required to promote the opening of applications for the production. Diving deep into the world of “Alice in Bormla” and the traditional playing cards which are a significant icon in Alices’ world, a dual-character illustration was designed, showcasing two opposing characteristics of Alice, exhibiting the typical stereotypes which, over the past decades, have separated the different regions on our island.

White hoodie featuring an 'Alice in Bormla' playing card

Remaining consistent with the overall branding and look for “Alice in Bormla”, our aim was to create an engaging community among students and locals alike, in preparation for an outstanding production happening in 2023.

We look forward to the next phases of brainstorming sessions, to truly bring Alices’ world to life, literally.