Kindness Doesn’t Costa Thing


Brands fulfil their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in many different ways. In 2018, we built a campaign for Costa Coffee Malta revolving around kindness. The way we tackled this was with a number of initiatives as well as a guerrilla marketing stunt.

Those who have visited Riviera Beach can easily recall the agonising 200 steps that one has to endure in the scorching sun after a day of relaxation – now imagine that but add a pair of crutches and a heavy cooler! That’s exactly what our actor had to do for our social experiment.

Yielding fantastic results, our actor was showered with kindness and greeted with nothing but affection from passers by. As we captured everything on camera, our marketing stunt was a success. The video hit 200K views organically and received endless shares. For each share, Costa Coffee Malta also donated 50c to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Collaborators: Nest Creative