Festa Palazz


Festa Palazz, Festa Ghal Kulhadd!

In October 2022 our team had been entrusted with the branding, design, and marketing strategy for the event, Festa Palazz, organised by The Malta Community Chest Fund with whom we have previously worked with on a number of projects.

Held at the Verdala Palace, Festa Palazz gave locals the opportunity to visit the historical site as it is generally closed to the public. Along with tours of the palace, Festa Palazz also offered a variety of activities and thus making it enjoyable for the whole family. Needless to say, the MCCF had put together an inspiring event where all funds collected that weekend went directly to aid their cause.

With this project we went for a more radiant look to help captivate their audience whilst also providing an idea on what the event entails. Our team aimed to attract a crowd of all generations with the use of vibrant colours and illustrations, expressing the delight such an event brings.

An infographic social media post with words 'Festa Palazz 2022' and 'ikel', 'xorb' and 'divertiment'. It has the date of the event at the bottom '29 u 30 ta' ottubru 2022'

Whilst we find pride in the work we provided, what is truly rewarding is knowing that our efforts had helped in the promotion of this warm-hearted event and in doing so helped to raise money towards the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.